Friday, February 12, 2010

Chrome for OS X now supports extensions

Google Chrome has started to win me over on Linux and Windows, where it's starting to displace Firefox as my browser of choice. Its lightweight architecture, fast rendering engine, and smaller memory footprint make Firefox feel bloated in comparison.

But the Mac version of Chrome was, for a long time, far behind the Windows and Linux versions in terms of certain features. One of these features were extensions, which, like in Firefox, allow you to customize the browser behavior to your own needs. On Firefox, for example, one of the first extensions I ever add to a new install is the AdBlock Plus extension. Since I first discovered that particular extension, I've been surfing in ad-free comfort for 5 years. Hell, I even forgot that there *were* ads on the web! :)

Now Chrome can finally allow me to surf in ad-free comfort on my Macs, and for that, I'm happy. My Hackintosh (which I'll be talking about later) can now finally have ad-free surfing!

Read more about the news at Techradar.

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