Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Subway, Lifeblood

Via 2 4 Flinching, check out these photos of the New York City Subway circa the 1980s: filthy, graffiti-ridden, dangerous, dark, cold, primal, raw, real.

This is a New York City that, unless you were born in that era of the 1970s/1980s and grew up in or very near the city, you can only currently see in movies and TV shows, read about in books, or hear the vibe of in the music from that era. Our currently NYC, for better or for worse, is a much cleaner and safer city than it once was back in that era. But at the same time, we also have a Mayor who has driven artists from a public park, calling the simple selling of art a crime, and has turned New York into an overly cookie-cutter shell of its former self, sans soul. It's outrageous!

But back on track... enjoy the photos, and check out more of the artist's work around the city.

Don't Mind the Mess!

I want to put a new template on my blog, as I feel that the old template is simply not cutting it visually. So for the time being, things will look a bit off-kilter while I fix that. I'll try not to take too long with that, but now getting ready to move is going to cut into my free time a bit.

If you have some good design know-how and any friendly advice to give in that matter, give me a holler.